Hotel Siegfriedbrunnen


Massage treatments


For everyday effects of the hectic everyday world, we apply medically aligned technical methods in a targeted manner to initiate a pleasant regeneration aid to recover from stress, tension, headache, movement limitations or special problems in sports, etc..

 Partial massage 

€ 20.00

 /20 min 

€ 40.00

 /40 min 


  Full massage 

€ 25.00

 /30 min 

€ 50.00

 /60 min 

The body relaxation massage

creates a harmonious interaction of our reflex zones and meridians in the body so that a gentle, natural balance of the inner life forces can be initiated.

 60 min with neutral massage oil  

€ 50,00



 60 min with neutral massage oil 

€ 58,00

 (Balance, Energy or Rose) 


puts body and mind into balance and acts on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki improves self-healing, strengthens body and mind, loosens blocks, cleanses out poisons, balances centres of force (chakras), recovers harmony and flows in unlimited quality...

 10 min in addition to any of the above massages  

€ 10,00



 20 min in addition to any of the above massages  

€ 20,00

Medical reflexology

is available at our studio according to the therapy of Dr. med. Bernhard C. Kolster and Dr. med. Astrid Waskowiak. 

 30 min 

€ 29,00


to commence a relaxing massage treatment … comply with a subsequent resting period of 15-30 min.





  Cleopatra rose dream bath 20 min 20 min 

€ 19,50

Heat applications

are most effective in connection with a subsequent massage...

Red light treatment 20 min

€ 12.50

Exercise therapy

-in the indoor pool (1.30m deep) or the "dry" massage studio 20 min  

€ 20,00

Medical Ayurveda treatment

ABHYANGA- gentle, flowing strokes of warm sesame oil on the forehead and oiling of head, face, body, arms, legs and feet are used to massage the oil into the skin, which harmonises the vegetative nervous system and the muscles. Immersion into a relaxed condition supplies new energy and helps shake off everyday ballast. These cleansed, high-quality oils can bind toxins on the skin. This leads to peripheral detoxification that is increased by subsequent sweating under red light.

 90 min  

€ 84.00

Furthermore to our classical massage treatments we offer special wellness massage treatments from our mobile masseur.

Depending on treatment, a resting phase may be required.
Our colleague will advise you.

Please register for the desired treatments in time before your arrival, best by calling 06207-6080, so that we can coordinate the appointments with our beauticians. The treatments will be settled in cash or by ex-cash card at reception desk on your day of departure. Please understand that we do not accept credit card payment for these treatments.