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Excursion destinations in the area

Kneipp health spa Grasellenbach

Grasellenbach with its six quarters of Gras-Ellenbach, Hammelbach, Litzelbach, Scharbach, Tromm and Wahlen in the Western Odenwald at an altitude between 420 and 570 metres, offers very good hiking opportunities. The high-quality hiking path developed in 2010 runs directly through the quarter Gras-Ellenbach. The quarter of Hammelbach, where the Ulfenbach and the Weschnitz have their origins, is the location of the watershed between Neckar and Rhine.


The Grasellenbach community was created in 1972 from the formerly independent communicates that have now become its quarters. Hammelbach was first mentioned in the year of 795, the other quarters around 1300. The original crafts and farmers' villages experienced an upturn during the high time of mottled sandstone processing in the 19th century and now represent tourism in nature.



The spring in the forest that is lined in mottled sandstone supposedly is where legendary hero Siegfried was killed by treacherous Hagen at the time of the Nibelungs legend. Today, the spring is the location of an idyllic resting place, while an information panel provides information on the interesting story. 

Gothic chapel ruin

The lower part of the Hammelbach cemetery holds a gothic chapel ruin. It is an art-history first-rank jewel. The ruin comprises of a roof-less little polygonally closed choir room with attractive window formwork and a few vault parts. The entire system exudes rest and comfort. It was likely built at the same time as the Lichtenklinger chapel, i.e. 1350.

Ireneturm Tromm

The Ireneturm on the Tromm is one of the forest's landmarks. It was built by the Odenwaldklub, section Wald-Michelbach. It is the only wooden observation tower in the Odenwald that weathered the times undamaged due to the continuous care that it has gotten. Its platform offers a wide view of the Weschnitz valley and nearly the entire Überwald. The tower is 27 metres high, has 107 steps and was entirely built of wood.

Ornament sandstone stairs

This stair is located in the Hammelbach quarter in the "alley". On the left side of the street, the sandstone farm building with its double ornamented sandstone stairs (building no. 12) appears in view. It is one of the most beautiful sandstone works ever created by the Hammelbach stonemasons and subject to monument protection.


This bakery was located bout 6 km North of Hammelbach near a farm in the town of Ober-Ostern in 1987. Originally built in 1766, it was still being used in the 1950s. When the Odenwaldklub Hammelbach learned that this building was to be replaced by a new chicken coop, he decided to move the building. The bakery was disassembled entirely, including the oven, and rebuilt at the current site true to the original within three years. 

Herdsmen's cottage

A special sight in Gras-Ellenbach is the herdsmen's cottage in Güttersbacher Straße Nr. 13. This likely oldest and smallest building of the town that appears rather pretty today, used to serve as place of residence for the swineherd, later as "community poorhouse". According to the inscription, the building was built in 1770.

Relief wayside shrine

About at the centre of the town of Unter-Litzelbach, next to the weather protection hood at the bus stop. There is a monument-protected wayside shrine with the relief of the holy-blood miracle of Walldürn. It is a passion location on the pilgrimage route to the large pilgrim's church in Walldürn. The image shows the chalice at its centre. Below it there is the toppled chalice from which the crucified grows with the 11 heads of Christ. The eye of God in the triangle watches above all of this as the symbol of trinity. 

Neo-Gothic wayside shrine

At the Hammelbach quarter, diagonally across Rimbacher Straße no. 17, there is a Neo-Gothic wayside shrine. It is richly decorated with Gothic ornaments. The sharply angled gable is applied with "crabs". The gable has a circular medallion containing the lamb engraved. The centre of the wayside shrine has a niche with the figure of the "Good herdsman" protected by a grid.


Plan your hike:


Wald-Michelbach (shopping possibilities) ca. 8 km

nearby the summer toboggan run, a climbing forest, the solar draisine, the “Überwälder” museum of local history, the old book printing shop in the Heag-Tower, the Stoewer-museum, historical bakery, environmental educational trail in the Aschbach district, a forest educational trail in the Ober-Schönmattenwag district as well as the visitor mine “Grube Ludwig”.


Fürth in the Odenwald (shopping opportunities) approx. 11 km

with the model train exhibition Odenwald, the mountain animal park in Erlenbach, the high rope course in the holiday village Kröckelbach (only upon advance registration) and the generation park Steinbachwiesen.


Reichelsheim approx. 12 km

with the Reichenberg castle, a regional museum, the Rodenstein castle ruin and the Reichelsheimer fairy tale days every last October weekend.


Healing-climate spa Lindenfels approx. 15 km

with its castle, the Lindenfels museum and the German dragon museum and the annual "Scheeserenne" every July in the Winterkasten quarter; travelling from Lindenfels towards Bensheim, you will quickly reach the rock sea in the Lautertal.


Erbach approx. 22 km

with the ivory and castle museum, the game park "Brudergrund", the English Garden Erbach-Eulbach, the Koziol happy factory and the annual Erbacher meadow market – the largest fair in South Hesse.


Michelstadt approx. 24 km

with its historic old town, the Odenwald and toy museum, the climbing forest Michelstadt-Würzberg, parts of the Odenwald Limes in Michelstadt-Vielbrunn/Würzberg, the "Hohenloher Hof"- a children's paradise in Michelstadt-Rehbach, the culture summer South Hesse and the probably prettiest Christmas market in the Odenwald.


Heppenheim at the Bergstraße (Vettelheim) approx. 26 km

with a historic marketplace, the Starkenburg on the castle mountain, a lantern legends path, an experience path "Wine and stone", the seat of the Bergsträßer Winzergenossenschaft eG, the Starkenburg Sternwarte, a bird park at the Bruchsee and the annual street theatre festival "Gassensensationen". .


Weinheim at the Bergstraße approx. 26 km

with a historic market place with Southern flair, the Gerberbach quarter with its small half-timbered bottages, the two castles "Windeck" and "Wachenburg", a castle park with adjacent exotic forest and the show and sighting garden Hermannshof.


Bensheim at the Bergstraße approx. 30 km

with a historic old town, the state park Fürstenlager in Bensheim-Auerbach, the Auerbach castle, a climbing hall, the 517m high Melibokus, a rise visible from afar that is the landmark of the Bergstraße between Darmstadt and Heidelberg


Heidelberg and the nature park "Neckartal-Odenwald" approx. 30-45 km

with the "romantic four in the Neckar valley";- The adjacent towns of Neckargemünd, Neckarsteinach, Hirschhorn and Eberbach, the Heidelberg castle with the castle garden, Königsstuhl with mountain railway and many other vantage points round the town, the Heidelberg zoo and the Neckar shipping offer



This is only a small excerpt of the diverse travelling options in our environment. You can also reach the cities of Darmstadt, Mannheim and Frankfurt within less than on hour's time.